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Humans Are Neat …

… because of weather modification.

As this video demonstrates, humans can dramatically affect the weather (and perhaps the climate, if world climate change is being driven by human technology use). Here, they do it in a relatively benign fashion, by creating their own rain cloud while testing out rocket technology. Rain has also been produced by cloud seeding — terrestrially or by airplane. Humans have likewise produced (albeit, not on purpose) acid rains, smog, and other harmful artificial weather phenomenon through their use of natural resources.

This blog tries not to make too many value judgments — that’s for you to do on your own — so I will not say anything to my personal feelings regarding weather alteration, but I do find it neat that we are capable of it at all. At the end of the clip, Mr. Clarkson exclaims that we are playing God — but I beg to differ.

I believe that we are playing human.


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